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We manufacture in Mexico and distribute in Spain. Our ballistic protection products meet the standards of the NIJ from the US We have several levels of protection.

Bulletproof vests are garments designed for body protection. Used by Security Forces, Police and private security.

The panels are made of Kevlar ultra light, for a level IIIA protection.

Ballistic helmets are designed to withstand impact and protect the head from serious injury. They may include additional features such as sun visors, communication systems, lighting, and camera mounts. 

Ballistic shields are protective devices designed to protect against injuries caused by projectiles and other types of weapons. Shields are made of penetration resistant materials, and may include additional features such as handles or visors.

Riot suits are garments designed to protect from damage caused by all types of weapons.

They are resistant to penetration and can include additional elements such as protection for the arms, legs and torso. 

Bulletproof backpacks are a type of body protection equipment designed to protect people from injuries caused by projectiles and other types of weapons. Our backpacks are made with Kevlar ® Aramid fibers Unidirectional fabric from Dupont ® which are materials resistant to penetration with a very high level of security. 

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Our products are rigorously manufactured from high-quality materials. In compliance with the highest protection standards. Our panels are made of Kevlar, genuine 100%, thanks to the strategic alliance with DuPont and our manufacturer.

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